Letter Piece workshop at Musicacademie Beveren on 3 May

Shila and Tomma are giving workshops for children at 13.30 and 16.30 on 3 May 2014 at the musicacademie Beveren, Belgium. 

The event is organised by Matrix -- 

A to Zzz at Concertgebouw Bruges

A to Zzz will be performed again at the Concertgebouw in Bruges on Sunday 2 March 2014.
Details below!

11.45am, Sunday 2 March 2014.

Concertgebouw in Bruges.
as part of the festival 'genoteerd'.

performers: Shila Anaraki, Adam de la Cour, Mark Knoop, Ann Saelens, Tomma Wessel
light: Sylvie Melis, Michael Janssens costumes: Philine Rinnert, choreographic advice: Adva Zakai

LPC @ Kinder Kunsten Festival

Letter Piece Company performs its QUARTETS show at the Kinder Kunsten Festival in Geel, Belgium on 10 March 2013.

Details here: http://www.stormopkomst.be/nl/programma/de-koeien-van-narayana

As part of the festival, Shila and Tomma are giving a Letter Piece workshop for kids in Geel on 9 March at 2pm.


In February LPC premiered A to Zzz at Vooruit in Gent,
an hour-long work for five performers featuring physical action, music, text and light design. 

Here is the video trailer.

The title announces the concept: A to Zzz moves through the alphabet, with each letter representing something. That something might be a person (F = Freddy Mercury), a topic (P = positions in space) or concept (O = outside). The passage through the alphabet provides a scaffold, a solid reference point, for an otherwise unpredictable journey full of constant surprise, imagination, digressions and ruptures!
The work draws on a broad and unexpected range of everyday, popular and art culture: the movement of modern dance, orchestral conductors, cinematic monsters, and everyday activities; the music/sound of abstract textures, field recordings and psychedelic rock; and the lighting of the office, street light and bedside lamp.

The work was co-produced by Vooruit,  Concertgebouw Brugge and supported by the Brussels based artslab Pianofabriek and the Flemish Community 

STUK (Leuven) as part of the Transit festival in October 2012

Letter Piece Quartets at Chisenhale and Soundwaves

LPC played the Letter Pieces Quartets show it devised for the 2010 Transit & Huddersfield festivals in July in London and Brighton.

Described as ‘duet-Tourettes', Letter Piece Company brings together ideas and elements from contemporary music, dance and theatre in genre defying performance pieces. With shifting combinations of music, physical movement and text (always with a beat!), prepare to experience abstract sequences of virtuosic face dancing, vampires, cowboys, sporting moves, thievery and a mathematical tale!

Here is a 3 minute highlights video