Letter Piece Quartet SHOW!

In 2010 LPC created an hour long show for the Transit (Leuven) and Huddersfield music festivals that we'll play again at the Chisenhale Dance Space (London) and Soundwaves (Brighton) in July 2011.

The show featured two new Letter Piece quartets by Matthew and Shila, two existing duos, and a work by Tom Johnson for narrator and musical trio.


Anaraki / Shlomowitz - LP Quartet 1: Five Finger Discount
Shlomowitz -LP 5: Northern Cities
Tom Johnson - Narayana's Cows
Shlomowitz - LP 3: Australia, Bolton, Clinton, Dachshund & Echinacea
Anaraki / Shlomowitz - LP Quartet 2: Mixed Doubles

The Transit show was reviewed in the Belgian paper
De Standaard
The theatrical and multimedia was clearly popular [in this edition of Transit]. As in the irrisistibly humoristic character pieces of Matthew Shlomowitz, which melted music, movement and performance with each other.
(Oct 2010)

LPQ1: Five Finger Discount

LPQ2: Mixed Doubles

Performed at Transit Festival (Belgium), October 2010